Among Danish immigrants to the United States in the 19th Century, were our four grandparents: Anders Christensen Ravnholt (1870 & 1883); Inger Johanne Thestrup Ravnholt (1883); Ane Marie Henriksen (1880; and Niels Petersen (1885). In an account written in 1960, "My Ancestral Home and Glimpses of its History", our father, Ansgar Benedikt Ravnholt, provided a general family history; and in "The Story of an Immigrant", Albert V. Ravenholt provided an account of the life of our grandfather, Anders C. Ravnholt; succeeded by his work record during his initial visit to America, 1870-1876; followed by his account of "Three Months Traveling", Helena, MT to Denmark;  followed by an account of the life of Inger Johanne Ravnholt by Ansgar Ravnholt; followed by genealogical presentations for descendants of Christen Andersen Ravnholt and Kristian Henriksen; and for Ansgar and Kristine Ravnholt; followed by a presentation for each Ravenholt sibling -- Albert, Halvor, Eiler, Johanne, Reimert, Otto, Gerda, Agnes, Astrid.

My Ancestral Home and Glimpses of it's History   by Ansgar B. Ravnholt

Kristen Andersens i Ravnholt ved Axel Ravnholt

The Story of an Immigrant  by Albert V. Ravenholt

Anders C. Ravnholt Employment Record, 1870 - 76

Three Months Traveling, Montana to Denmark, 1876  by Anders C. Ravnholt

Hanne Ravnholt: Pioneer Wisconsin Buttermaker by Ansgar and Reimert Ravenholt 

Descendants of Christen Andersen Ravnholt and Kristian Henriksen

Ansgar - Kristine Ravnholt/Ravenholt Family

Ansgar B. Ravnholt
I Remember Ansgar, by Harald Lund
Tribute to Far at His Funeral - by Eiler, September 4, 1964
Kristine Petersen Ravnholt
Kristine Petersen Ravnholt: A Danish-American Mother's Life - November 6, 2002
Aage Holger Petersen - Life Story, October 28, 1915 - July 28, 2003
Albert V. Ravenholt
Albert V. Ravenholt, photos and biography
The Story of an Immigrant
Japs Penned in Myitkyina, Allies Fight Way Into City's Outskirts - Minneapolis Star, May 19, 1944
Albert Ravenholt marriage to Marjorie Severyns - Shanghai, January 28,1946
Albert Reports on Communist Takeover of China: Leaving Shanghai-  April 28, 1949;
From Canton, Joint Commission on Rural Reconstruction - S.C. Hsu - 23 May, 1949
From Chengtu - China - U.S. Foreign Assistance Considerations - 18 September, 1949
From Chengtu - James Y.C. Yen - Mass Education Movement - 14 October, 1949
From Taiwan - Population Dynamics - Development Implications - 2 February, 1950
Reds Aim to Submerge Religions Under Cold Communist Material - January 2, 1951
From Hong Kong - Communist Takeover of South China - 20 November, 1951
Albert and Marjorie Help Orient, Seattle Times, February 24, 1957
Seeds for Democracy, Chicago Daily News - August 4, 1958
Filipino Birth Rate One of the Highest - Chicago Daily News, August, 1958
Elvessa Ann Stewart, Our Teacher - AUFS, Manila, August 8, 1958
People's Communes, China's Peasants take "The Ultimate Step" - October 23, 1958
The God's Must Go -AUFS Report, November 22, 1958
The Honeymoon is Over - Filipinos Turning Uncle Sam Into a Scapegoat, January 22, 1959
Magsaysay Still a Filipino Hero - Chicago Daily News, March 18, 1959
Social Yeast in the Sugar Industry: Jesuits Organize the Plantation Workers, April 23, 1959
Red China Speeds Railway Across ' Roof of World' - Chicago Daily News, May 14, 1959
Bitter Peasants Force Easing of China's Farm Plan - August 24, 1959
Ravenholts: At Home Anywhere - The Seattle Times, March 20, 1960

Albert's Letters and Miscellaneous Articles

Letter from Albert (Hong Kong) to Ansgar (Los Angeles) - 21 August, 1949

Letter from Albert (New York City) to Ansgar (Los Angeles) - 30 May, 1951

Letter from Albert(Philippine Islands) to Ansgar (Los Angeles) - 26 May, 1953

Letter on Creation of Magsaysay Awards Foundation - 18 October, 1976
Halvor B. Ravenholt
Halvor B. Ravenholt, photos and biography
Harvest Work in North Dakota, 1938, 1940, 1941
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii - December 7, 1941
Diving at Pearl Harbor, 1941-1943
Action at Iwo Jima, February 1945
Eric Smidt: Friend and Neighbor
Buelah - March, 1995
Halvor Bernhard Ravenholt, 1921-2003
Eiler C. Ravnholt
Eiler C. Ravnholt, photos and biography
The Death of President John F. Kennedy - December 1, 1963
Nixon's Constant Shadow - One Man Democratic "Truth Squad", 1968
Eiler's Commencement Address - Luck, Wisconsin, 1969
Bitter Medicine - In Whose Interest, December 2, 1987
Washington Perspective, November 12, 1990
Eiler C. Ravnholt Wins "Sugar Man of the Year" Award, March 20, 1991
Remarks by Eiler Ravnholt, March 20, 1991
Growing Up With Reimert - Eiler's Recollections, March 9, 2005
Is the President Above the Law? -  Inter-County Leader, April 5, 2006


Johanne M. Ravenholt
Johanne M. Ravenholt, photos and biography
Reimert T. Ravenholt
Reimert T. Ravenholt, photos and biography
Golfing At Luck: A Ravenholt Family Pleasure
Dakota Harvest Adventures, 1942, 1943
Husker Du Den Aften, Dag Du Bort; Sangaften, Seattle - 2004
Otto H. Ravenholt
Otto H. Ravenholt, photos and biography
How a Seriously Ill Hospital Finally Managed to Cure Itself
Where I Stand - OHR  August, 1995
Letter to Randy Todd, Phd - December 27, 1995
The First 100 - Portraits of the Men and Women who shaped Las Vegas
Gerda E. Ravenholt
Gerda E. Ravenholt, photos and biography

Agnes E. Ravnholt
Agnes E. Ravnholt, biography
The Circuit Teacher
Kristine Petersen Ravnholt (Mor)
Astrid M. Ravenholt-Grace
Astrid M. Ravenholt-Grace, biography
Ravenholt Family - General Activities
Work Begins on Luck Golf Course Expansion
Ravenholt Scramble - Annual Event Honors Family


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